The Vivatek Treatment System by ITM for the Effective Treatment of Pain

Vivatek allows doctors to expand from his or her own limited specialty to the huge field of Alternative Medicine. This high quality treatment is completely automatic and yields proven, predictable results. It is compatible with and/or an enhancement to conventional medicine and other alternative therapies. Vivatek can replace the doctor's present therapy department or create a new one - without added staff, stress or overhead.

". . .Visits to alternative treatment centers outnumber those to traditional doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals combined." ". . . the movement is huge, the results are often confoundingly successful, and the eventual effects are likely to change forever the face of American medicine." Popular Science Magazine, May 2000 issue

Vivatek is non-invasive - no drugs, needles or side effects. Most importantly, it is effective, safe and pain free. Patients look forward to each soothing, satisfying and highly therapeutic treatment.

Shouldn't you be benefiting from this wonderful treatment system?

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