ITM Receives Coveted Therapeutic
Product of the Year Award
By Charles Barry World Health News Writer

WASHINGTON, DC - World Health News Network announced the 1998 Therapeutic Product of the Year Award to ITM for their development of Vivatek.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine is awarded for individuals who distinguish themselves with new medical discoveries.

The Therapeutic Product of the Year Award is presented to companies whose products will effect the most significant change in the way catastrophic disorders are treated.

Vivatek is the product responsible for ITM's receipt of this years award. Vivatek will bring about a significant change in the way back pain and associated spinal disorders are treated.

Spinal disorders and back pain treatment cost to the US alone exceed 60 billion dollars annually. Back pain is considered one of mankind's most crippling and pain producing disorders. Back pain is second only to hunger in the misery inflicted on the world's population.

The spinal disc is the anatomical component most often associated with back pain.

Treatment for spinal disc conditions range from bed rest to drugs to spinal manipulation to surgery. None have proven any more effective than the other. Most present day procedures end in ultimate failure.

ITM has devoted years of research and uncountless man-hours of some of the world's most brilliant and qualified research scientists, doctors and engineers in development of this new treatment system.

The Vivatek treatment system provides N.D.R. or Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation.

This new therapy innovation employs the power of computers, bio-robotics and multi-tasking applicators.

This complete technology innovation is packaged in a reticular structure approximately the size of a doctors examination table.

The whole system is intended for in-office use. This in-office application ensures ready access to the millions of back pain victims.

ITM company officials were awarded the prestigious 1998 Therapeutic Product of the Year Award at a gala celebration this last Friday in the opulent Bona Venture Hotel and World Trade Center in Los Angeles, California.

Company officials who were later asked to comment on this outstanding company achievement credited the scientist and engineers for years of dedication, talent and determination.

A high official of the pharmaceutical industry was asked for his comments. "The Vivatek may be as significant to back pain as penicillin and antibiotics was to infection. The researchers at ITM deserve a lot of credit."




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