The Vivatek Treatment System consists of three main elements:

Vivatek Integrated Video System: ITM knows that education is an important part of a patient's recovery. Treating the mind is almost as important as treating the condition. That is why Vivatek was equipped with an integrated video system (more on Integrated Visual Therapy- whitepaper). During treatment each patient is educated about aspects of their condition, benefits of the treatment they are receiving and taught how they can promote better health in their daily living. In essence, each patient is automatically provided a "health care class" with each treatment. Patients are able to help their family, friends and co-workers find solutions to their health care problems by sharing this vital information and referring them to the nearest Authorized ITM Treatment Center utilizing the Vivatek system.

After arriving at a diagnosis the doctor simply assigns the patient a Prescription Information Number (PIN). The patient then enters their PIN into the Vivatek keypad. The patient is then treated automatically with the best combinations of therapeutic application for that patients condition.


Vivatek's gentle, effective results are made possible with today's precise and accurate computer technology. This is what ITM has termed Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation (N.D.R.). N.D.R. is completely non-invasive and is effective in treating sports injuries, auto accidents, deterioration from sitting in front of a computer or daily activities of living and aging.


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