Q: Where do the fluids that the Vivatek puts back into the disc come from?

A: Inside the body there is a substantial amount of natural moisture. This moisture is referred to as interstitial fluids. The Vivatek 10Hz resonating harmonic increases the interstitial fluids while decreasing the intradiscal pressure. The disc then draws fluids back inside itself similar to a dried up sponge absorbing fluids. A sponge and a spinal disc are similar because with adequate fluid they both regain their natural shape, size and flexibility.

How does the Synatron inside the Vivatek work?

A: Very well. So well, in fact, many patients refer to it as the "Magic Wand", "Being touched by an angel", and the "Healing helper". Synatron technology is made possible by today's high speed computers and electro-optic sensors. It applies a 10Hz subsonic pulse that causes the tissues to reach a state of maximum volumetric efficiency. The Synatron also places a gentle and very effective tractive pressure on the vertebrae, separating the vertebrae. As the vertebrae are separated, a vacuum is created inside the spinal disc (which is between the vertebrae). The vacuum formed inside the disc draws disc herniations and disc bulges inward. Simultaneously, oxygen and nutrient rich fluids are drawn into the disc, increasing disc spacing - similar to putting air into a flat tire. Fibroblasts (cells in the connective tissue) inside the disc are activated by the oxygen and nutrients. The activated fibroblasts begin healing any disc tears and hernias. Articulating facets are simultaneously aligned by the Synatron, reducing facet syndrome. It also treats the trigger points and acupressure points along the spine which reduce muscle spasm and increase range of motion. The Synatron breaks the pain cycle and begins the healing cycle. The ability of the Synatron to apply many forms of treatment simultaneously results in Synergism. Synergism is the interacting of different treatments with a combined effect that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. With the Synatron, 1 + 1 = 3. (The Synatron is protected by U.S. Patent.)

Why won't the disc heal itself without treatment?

A: A normal and healthy spinal disc absorbs intradiscal fluids when a person is resting and loses a small amount of fluid as that person is standing or sitting upright. This is called the intradiscal fluid exchange. Through injury, overwork, heavy lifting, improper lifting or repetitious movements the disc begins losing more fluids than it absorbs. With a decreased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the inside of the disc, the risk of developing degenerative disc disease is greatly increased. Without sufficient oxygen and nutrients the disc begins to shrivel up and become diseased. This disease process weakens the wall of the disc allowing fissures to form and cause disc bulging or disc herniation. The only way to save the disc is to reverse the disease process and begin the healing process by supplying the cells with fresh nutrients and oxygen. The Vivatek Treatment System is the best choice to rehabilitate an injured spinal disc.

Why is surgery not a good option?

A: Surgery in general has high risk factors. Everything from the anesthesia to hemorrhage to infection. Now we even have to worry about blood-born pathogens, flesh-eating bacteria and super viruses which the body has no defense against, are antibiotic resistant and are terminal. A spinal surgery is a major surgery. America has some of the finest surgeons in the world, and over the years many different surgical procedures have been developed. Regardless of the skills and good intentions of the surgeon, spinal surgery carries a high risk of complication and a statistical success rate of only 23%. These aren't very good odds when you consider that you have to live with the outcome for the rest of your life. Las Vegas has better odds - not to mention you're only gambling with your money, not your life! In comparison, the Vivatek Treatment System has no risk factors. In a 3 year study, 82% of patients when treated by Vivatek no longer required surgery.

Why do I feel so good after my Vivatek treatment?

A: Vivatek "turns on" the healing process. It reduces the pressure on pinched and painful nerves, increases the disc spacing, brings in fresh nutrients to the tissue cells, evacuates metabolic toxins and neurotoxins, treats the trigger points and acupressure points, reduces muscle spasm, reduces pain, and improves function. Everything good that could happen occurs simultaneously The body loves this gentle, simultaneous treatment. Vivatek, The Technology of Life - abundant, pain free life.

Can the Vivatek bother my pacemaker?

A: No. The Vivatek does not emit anything that is harmful to the body, nor will it affect a pacemaker.

I am pregnant. How long can I be treated by the Vivatek?

A: Congratulations! Becoming a mother is the most important job in life and one in which the female body was designed to perform. The Vivatek will keep you pain free and at optimal health right up to the hour of delivery. Motherhood - producing life. Vivatek, The Technology of Life - producing pain free, abundant life.

I was in a motor vehicle accident. Will my insurance company pay for Vivatek treatment?

A: Insurance companies of all types prefer Vivatek treatment and will pay up to the maximum coverage amount. Reducing pain and suffering as well as future deterioration is what the Vivatek is famous for. By reducing pain and suffering as well as permanent disability, the insurance companies save billions. Have you ever seen an insurance company that didn't want to save a buck? They love Vivatek and so will you.

I hurt myself on the job. Will Workers' Compensation pay for my Vivatek treatment?

A: Workers'' Compensation laws vary from state to state. However, one thing is common to all Work Comp carriers. They all want to spend as little money on you as possible. Because of Vivatek's extremely high success rate, recovery without permanent disability, fast response to treatment and history of getting the injured worker back to work quickly, insurance companies prefer and even insist on Vivatek treatment. Vivatek treatment is less expensive because there is no risk factor and recovery is faster. Insurance companies are always looking for cost reduction. With Vivatek they have found the ultimate answer.

I am 82 years old. Can Vivatek help me?

A: If you are suffering from an "Achy Old Back" Vivatek is the answer. The degree of your full recovery is dependent upon many factors. Vivatek won't make you a teenager again, but it can make you feel like one. With rehabilitated discs you can go dancing at the "Disco".

Is a disc problem part of getting old?

A: As we age our circulation decreases, especially around the spine. This leads to degenerative disc disease, herniated and bulging discs, sciatica, lumbago and "Achy Old Back" syndrome. The Vivatek, with its patented Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation can stop and reverse the drying out process occurring to the disc. Let Vivatek turn your "Achy Old Back" into a "Happy Back".

I have been told by my orthopedist that "my" body did not respond to "his" surgery. Learn to live with the pain. Do I have an alternative?

A: Due to the high failure rate of spinal surgery, approximately 40% of all patients seeking Vivatek treatment are past surgical failures. Depending on the cause of surgical failure - scar tissue formation, microdiscectomy laminectomy, spinal fusion, etc. - the answer must be determined by a doctor utilizing Vivatek in his office. Most Authorized ITM Treatment Centers offer a courtesy consultation. If you can be helped, the ITM doctor will tell you. I you cannot, he will tell you also. It costs nothing to find out. If your doctor does not have The Vivatek Treatment System, get another doctor. You can also call toll free (888) 786-2244 for the names of Authorized ITM Treatment Centers in your area.

My surgeon says I need surgery. Do I have a choice?

A: Surgery should be used only as a last resort. In America we have the misconception that surgery is the ultimate answer and can cure everything. Surgery should be the last choice and only considered after close scrutiny of risk factors and statistical outcomes. Some conditions, such as a ruptured appendix, need immediate surgery. Other conditions have non-surgical options. Get all the facts. Make an intelligent choice - a non-invasive choice. Vivatek is a safe, non-invasive alternative with proven, no risk, high success rate outcomes. Vivatek is the intelligent choice.

My doctor says, "Give up golf, tennis and many other activities. You will never be the same. Take these pain pills the rest of your life, but be careful of the side effects which are many." Is there any hope of regaining my lifestyle?

A: The golf courses and tennis courts are filled with Vivatek participants. Give Vivatek a go. You have nothing to lose but your pain and limitations. Vivatek, The Technology of Life - abundant, active, fun-filled life.

My hands fall asleep when I use the computer. Do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

A: Many cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are, in reality, Brachial Neuralgia. Brachial Neuralgia is the effect of a disc losing fluid, often times caused by computer work. If you have numbness, pain or tingling in just the hands, you probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you have numbness, pain or tingling in the hands and in the forearm, biceps, between the shoulders or in the neck you probably have Brachial Neuralgia. Vivatek treatment for Brachial Neuralgia has proven extremely effective and is the treatment of choice. Hundreds of thousands of hand braces and surgeries have been wasted on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Brachial Neuralgia is far more common, but previous to the Vivatek, could not be treated successfully and with a predictable outcome. Brachial Neuralgia has been called the curse of the computer user. Vivatek is their salvation.

I was in a minor auto accident and now have pain and stiffness. What is going wrong?

A: Any auto accident, large or small, has serious disc injury potential. The Department of Transportation reports that vehicle impact that does not activate the "crumple" zones of the vehicle (thus resulting in little or no property damage) still has sufficient energy dissipation into the vehicle occupants to cause serious disc injury. Once a disc is injured, it will not heal itself. Vivatek, with its Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation is the intelligent choice for stopping and reversing this serious condition. Pain pills and anti-inflammatories will temporarily hide the pain but do not have the capability of stopping disc deterioration. In any accident, major or minor, have an Authorized ITM Treatment Center check you over. Where are you going to live when your body wears out? Take no chances and take good care of your body.

I was in a motor vehicle accident months ago. Now I have pain and stiffness. My hands occasionally fall asleep. What's my problem and what's my option?

A: An auto accident causes the head, neck or back to flex forward, backward, or from side to side. This causes damage to the spinal disc that worsens with time. Some patients experience immediate pain. Others experience pain later as the spinal disc deflates similar to a slow leak in a tire. One of the treatments Vivatek provides is N.D.R. or Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation. With this new treatment, injured and deteriorating discs can be rehabilitated. Vivatek provides painless, effective and permanent treatment for auto accident victims. When injured, think Vivatek.

What is the difference between subluxation and disc problems?

A: One causes the other. A subluxation is a condition where the vertebrae are misaligned. This pinches the spinal nerves. It also places an increased pressure on the disc, upsetting the intradiscal fluid exchange. Once the disc begins losing more fluids than it absorbs, a catastrophic painful process begins. This is called degenerative disc disease and can be complicated with disc herniation. Arthritic changes often occur because of the disc degeneration process. Once the disc is injured, subluxation will be more prone to occur and will occur more and more frequently as disc degeneration continues to worsen. Medical doctors prescribe drugs. Surgeons perform surgery. Chiropractors correct subluxation. Vivatek provides Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation. Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation is the treatment of choice for disc injury and to correct or prevent disc degeneration. Vivatek provides this painless, safe and effective treatment. Choose a doctor who utilizes Vivatek, The Technology of Life - pain free, abundant life.

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