What Sets It Apart

In the past twenty years, technology has brought about amazing advancements in the medical field. ITM has used these advancements to move out of the mechanical age into the computer age. Vivatek's cutting edge technology has created a treatment more effective than any outdated treatment, procedure or therapy of the past. Comparing the Vivatek Treatment System to any of these outdated methods would be like trying to compare a mechanical typewriter to a computer with the fastest processor and newest operating system. There simply is no comparison.Older types of spinal therapies had rollers that would go up and down the spine providing the patient little more than a nice massage. Some had a leather harness that could attach to the patient and stretch the spine. Others had heating pads to warm the patient's back, and some even had a vibrator - thus, the term "Shake and Bake" became popular. The use of ultrasound provided a little micro-massage and heat, while muscle stimulation provided mobilization and limited spasm reduction (not to mention entertainment for the technician as the patient twitched). The major drawback of each of these past therapies, regardless of their therapeutic effectiveness, was singular application. This prevented synergism or the combined effects of several therapies applied simultaneously. Each one also required a skilled operator, therapist or doctor to administer the therapy, leaving the patient with unpredictable and varied outcomes dependent on the person administering the therapy that day.

With the Vivatek Treatment System, a patient is assured of receiving a personalized treatment with repeatable, predictable results.


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